Kitchen Status: Thursday, July 14

A few steps away from completion of kitchen and flooring!

Dishwasher was installed by the plumber Wednesday. He ran a rinse cycle when I happened to walk into the kitchen to test for leaks — I could not hear the thing running it was so quiet.

We also unloaded and took apart our refrigerator so that our neighbor and his son Miles (thanks guys!) could take the fridge body from the mudroom into the kitchen via our front door with an appliance dolly.

With the fridge in the kitchen, we cleaned, reassembled it, hooked up the water line and hey — we have all working appliances!

Flooring is finished as of today, and we now are awaiting trim installation over all the new flooring and against kitchen cabinets, along with a short punchlist of small tweaks to make (moving an outlet, installing a toilet, vanity, and mirror in the half-bath, etc.).

Looks like we ought to be fully completed before the end of July, which is far ahead of our original guesstimates. It feels great to see a project like this coming together.

Mike Rohde @rohdesign