Algorithms vs Algorithms - an AI arms race on Instagram - Real People Are Turning Their Accounts Into Bots On Instagram — And Cashing In

“Given the incentives created by Instagram, Heckel and his fellow Fuelgram users feel like they have a simple choice: post to Instagram, pray for engagement and risk not getting any; or do whatever you can to amass likes and comments to get your profile, business, or political view in front of the platform’s 800 million users. Heckel has made his decision. If Instagram can’t stop people from gaming its algorithm, he’s going to game it. And should Instagram shut down services like Fuelgram, he anticipates more will rise in their place. “There will always be a next thing, a next bot … something in the pipeline in the Telegram groups,” Heckel said. “Just so you know — and you can quote me on this — I don’t plan on stopping.”

Mike Rohde @rohdesign